Code of Conduct

Beaumont Shopping Centre has a core set of values which cover the behaviour of our employees and extend to all our relationships with visitors to the centre. These are:

RESPECT: We respect all people, their ideas and cultures.

INTEGRITY: We will be true to our word and leave a positive impact through our actions and behaviours.

COLLABORATION: We will work together with you to achieve more.

EXCELLENCE: We are committed to operating safely to achieve outstanding performance and the best outcomes.

TRUST: We will be accountable at every level and in all of our interactions.

Beaumont Shopping Centre prides itself on being a safe, relaxed and friendly environment for all of our customers. To ensure that we achieve this, we ask that all customers abide by our Code of Conduct.

Beaumont Shopping Centre respectfully asks that customers:

Dress appropriately, shirts and tops must be worn at all times.

Do not drop litter.

Refrain from loud and boisterous behaviour.

Always follow health and safety instructions including those delivered by Beaumont Shopping Centre team and communicated via signage throughout the centre.

Beaumont Shopping Centre consistently aims to maintain high standards and does not permit the following:

Any threatening or violent conduct towards our customers, retailers and centre staff.

Intimidation – groups demonstrating no intention to shop may be asked to leave the centre.

Unsociable behaviour that is deemed detrimental to Beaumont Shopping Centre including foul and or abusive language.

The wearing of any item of clothing which restricts the view of one’s head/face (e.g. hoods, motorcycle helmets, balaclavas) with the exception of religious headwear and protective face coverings for the nose and mouth.

Animals, with the exception of registered guide dogs.

Ensuring that our customers are free to shop and relax, Beaumont Shopping Centre does not permit the following:

Petitions, leafleting, canvassing, commercial photography or surveys unless pre-authorised in writing by Beaumont Shopping Centre.

The playing of audible music, busking or the selling of goods unless pre-authorised in writing by The Beaumont Shopping Centre Management team.

Use of bicycles, roller-blading, micro-scooters, skateboards, heelys or sports balls in the centre.

To ensure the health and safety of our customers, Beaumont Shopping Centre asks that customers respect and show due consideration for the building, environment and users of this space by:

Adhering to the no smoking policy inside Beaumont Shopping Centre and in the vicinity of entrance doorways.

Keeping all fire escapes clear – except in the event of an emergency.

Not climbing or sitting on any balustrade, barrier, fence or railing.

Not overloading, moving, vandalising or loitering around public seating areas.

We encourage customers to enjoy their experience at Beaumont Shopping Centre however, we reserve the right, to ask customers not to take film or pictures if deemed inappropriate.

When visiting Beaumont Shopping Centre, the following legal conditions must be adhered to:

The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited except within designated licensed premises.

Any act of vandalism towards property belonging to Beaumont Shopping Centre or our retailers will be dealt with accordingly and the Police will be informed.

Clear access routes must be maintained for emergency services at all times.

Beaumont Shopping Centre and their appointed security officers reserves the right to deny any person/persons failing to adhere to the above Code of Conduct from entering the property and has the right to escort them off the site. In addition to this, any person who persistently ignores any of the above or commits a crime will be excluded from the centre, for a time period to be determined by Beaumont Shopping Centre Management, whose discretion and decision shall be final in all exclusion matters.

The Beaumont Shopping Centre team are equipped with body worn video cameras to capture and record day-to-day activities in the centre as part of our ongoing duty of care to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers.